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Kindly Download Papa Ayo's 2014 Declaration

Easter Programme comes up Friday, 18th - Sunday, 20th April, 2014.

Men-alive Convention Comes Up in June, 2014! Watch out for details...

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We would like to join you in prayers. We also look ahead to hear your testimones as they unfold in their numbers.


African broadcasting network is an extension of the vision of Pastor Ayo. Watch Pastor Ayo on ABN.


Eagle Heights Int'l school is just another extension of the ministry. EHIS Int'l runs nursery, primary, ..


Admission into ISOM, our bible school is open in the month of December of each year. Read


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Days of Fellowship

It will be a thing of joy to have you worship and hornour God with us on Sundays at the IGC (International Gospel Center) and Week days at different teaching centers around the state.

Sunday Services @ International Gospel Center, Warri, Delta State Nigeria.

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Mid-week Services @ the teaching center closest to you around the state.




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Monthly Power-All-Night Service Holding @ the International Gospel CenterC

It is scheduled to hold on the first Friday of each month beginning from 11pm.

Weekly held Ministries in Training Classes @ designated zones

This foundation class holds every monday by 5.00pm at the designated zones.

Monthly Combine Meetings @ IGC: 5pm

Youth Fellowship:   2nd Tuesday each month
Men Fellowship:       1st Tuesday each month
Women Fellowship: 3rd Tuesday each month

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Follow us in our daily devotional bible study tour all through the year. Get inspired by God's word.

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"And Hezekiah received the letter of the hand of the messengers, and read it: and Hezekiah went up into the house of the LORD, and spread it before the Lord." (2 Kings 19:14)

Did you know that God replies letters? God knows how to write too.

The king of Assyria wrote Hezekiah and his God a letter. When Hezekiah received the letter, he had the choice to ask questions. He could have asked,"Where was God when the Assyrians began insulting my God and me? Why did God let this happen? Where has God gone?" Many Christians, because of the problems they face that have made other people insult them and their God, have backslidden. Some have sold their souls to demons or have bowed to shrines all in a bid to seek solution to their problems. Many have joined cults, they repeat words, do funny things, and have wandered away.

If you have wandered away from God because of problems, come back to him today in the name of Jesus. The God we serve replies letters. He has handwriting and the final say.

What did King Hezekiah do? He took the letter to the house of God and spread it before Him. In other words, he reported the issue to God. In the midst of his trouble, Hezekiah remembered that other gods are not God. He cried, prayed, and talked to God. We do not know how long he spent praying. Sometimes, you cry and pray and it looks as if God is not hearing your prayers; He is drafting the reply.

One night, God replied the letter. He sent one angel with the reply. Just one! When the reply came, 145,000 people, all Hezekiah’s enemies died, and when the king of Assyria woke up, the men he depended on were all dead. When he saw that, he ran into his Juju house to consult. While he was there, two of his sons entered into the house and killed him. That was the reply of the Most High.

You must remember that your God is alive when people try to put you down. He will not put you to shame. Your reply is on its way.


You will spread your letter before God today. Open your mouth and talk to God. Let Him know that you have brought Him the letter. Ask him to reply the letter. Open your mouth in sincerity and tell him about that trouble. Place your letter in His hands now.


WORDS OF WISDOM: Anybody who scorns, looks down on a believer looks down on God and you cannot mock God.